Winter Blast Tournament Waves

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Only a couple days away! Here are the Play Pools for Saturday.

We have seen the surprise forecast for snow Saturday and it looks like the forecast is changing and lessening a bit, but we are all tough and experienced Midwest drivers, so plan ahead, since the tournament is on no matter the weather.

So something urgent comes up, please let us know as soon as possible to fill your spot since we are depending on you to play and fill out each group of 16 players. 

Christy 734-717-6964 call/text

Leslie 734-417-6309 call/text

The tournament is on no matter the weather so please plan accordingly.

Saturday January 19

Location: Saline High School 1300 Campus Pkwy, Saline, MI 48176

look for the yellow Wolverine Pickleball signs for the best entrance.

Before play starts for your wave we will have a drawing for all registered players for an Onix Paddle!

Snacks- Bananas, nutrition bars and water provided-- school concession stand will be open too.

Alphabetical by last name

Morning players - Gym opens at 7:30am - check-in by 8:30am Play starts 9am

Morning Wave Pools

Wait-list for morning

Linda Dow

Greg Overall

Afternoon Players - check-in by 12:30 Play starts 1pm

Afternoon Wave Pools

Waitlist for afternoon

Lew Kidder

Jean Brown

Brad Penneau

Round Robin Format

- Each Pool will have 16 players of comparable skill

- Play 15 games rotating partners for each game (score-sheets will direct the mix, it will be 3 games with the same foursome, then break-up into a new group)

- Warm-up 5 mins for 1st game of the day- after that no more warm-ups since breaks in play are minimal and open courts can be used to hit if desired while waiting on all games in pool to finish.

- Play games to 9 win by 1 normal pickleball scoring

- Each team may take one - 1 minute time out per game.

- No referees, players make their own calls, kitchen violations, track score etc.  A score-sheet will be provided for tracking score and to be turned in at the end of each round, initialed by each player.

- Serving team is determined by players via coin flip, rock paper scissors or 1/2 number behind the back, loser chooses side.

- Players may flip sides of the court at 5 if desired, determine before start of game.

- The next round of play starts immediately after all players in the pool are done with their round, everyone will be mixed up and sent out again.

- Overall winner of pool is determined by game wins, point differential, head to head game wins, head to head point differential, after 15 games.  Standings will be posted periodically after rounds.


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