Paddle Review - Cypher Pro Black Diamond Series

When I first picked up this paddle it felt very different, within about 10 minutes I was loving the control and soft touch I had with the ball.  I also enjoyed the shape of the paddle with the sweet spot being a little farther out then a traditional square paddle.  It gave me more reach when I was stretching for a line shot or lob and It’s very light without sacrificing power on the drives.  This paddle is suited well for players who are working on improving their soft game since the paddle provides a lot of feedback with a gentle touch. 

My favorite thing about the paddle though is how aerodynamic it is.  I already have a fast arm swing on over heads but it felt even faster with this paddle! And it stayed in bounds more often too which means it gave me more control.  The handle is square and took me a little bit to get used to but it didn’t take long.  And the grip never got slippery in the Michigan summer heat. Everyone at my club wanted to try out this new interesting paddle.  One player Allison said “Being a former tennis player it helped me a lot with my transition to pickleball. Great touch!” I would agree with her as I am a former tennis player too and it did feel closer to a tennis racket then any paddle I have ever played with.  I even used it in a tournament last weekend.  I didn’t win but I played very well with it.  Thank you Pickleball Central for providing this great paddle for me to demo!! I look forward to winning some tournaments with my new Cypher in hand!

Retails $149.99 Let us know if you would like to demo at our next event.

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