Our customers are part of our extended family and together, we feel strongly about giving back. This includes partnering with worthy organizations and we are so excited to support Ann Arbor and the local organizations that make Ann Arbor such a great community! As such, we also provide time off for our team members to volunteer in the causes that mean most to them, as well as partnering with local businesses to deliver high-quality products to our customers.


Chicken N Pickle is dedicated to supporting many local, charitable organizations. We are so grateful for the large number of donation request, click on the button below and fill out the form to help us learn more about you.

Please submit inquiries at least 60 days prior to the event. After we have reviewed your request, we will notify you within two weeks via email, regardless of whether the request is approved. Thank you for considering Chicken N Pickle as an In-Kind Donation for your event.

In-Kind Request Form


Chicken N Pickle isn’t simply a restaurant, recreation destination, concert venue, competitive sports environment, corporate retreat venue, party spot or neighborhood gathering spot. Chicken N Pickle is ALL of these experiences and the unique combination draws people of all backgrounds from across the community, where all are welcome. Our cultural imperative to our community is to give back, with many philanthropic events and service-oriented endeavors to strengthen our neighborhood and beyond. Our employees donate dozens of hours (and much of their treasure) to support these important causes. We encourage our employees to make time for the community, as the community has made time for us.


Want to raise money for your organization?  We’d love to help! Chicken N Pickle is proud to have hosted dozens of not-for-profit events at our flagship location and look forward to hosting more in our San Antonio location. To learn more about how we can partner please contact us.

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